Zebras or horses in pajamas …

Do you sometimes wish things were more black and white? Then you need a Kawaii Animals zebra! These beautiful animals are a proud part of the Kawaii Animals gang and we love both our zebra string doll keyring and zebra Anisnap watch. The best thing about our zebras is that we don’t have to fit them with a barcode!

Okay, the rubbish zebra jokes end now… Let’s take a look at some interesting stuff about zebras from onekind.org: (click here to see the OneKind website)

  • Just like human fingerprints, a zebra’s stripe pattern is unique to the individual.
  • Zebras are highly social, and will only go to sleep if they are close to neighbours so that they can be warned if a predator approaches. They also prefer to graze together and will groom each other.
  • Zebras are brave animals that care deeply about their group members. When a group member is wounded by a predator attack, other zebras will come to its defence, circling the injured individual and attempting to drive the predator(s) away.
  • All zebras are close to their mothers, but males also form strong bonds with their father.
  • Zebra can run up to 65km/h. They combine this fast running with excellent stamina and zig-zagging motions to try and evade predators that chase them.
  • Although they may appear to be badly camouflaged, when they are in a herd the zebra’s distinct stripes merge into a big mass and make it hard for predators to single out individual animals.

Take a look at our charming zebra range right away and be sure to add one to your family. Don’t forget to show off your new family addition by taking a snap of you and your new friend and share it with us on social media – you may well appear on our website in our blog: the Tales of Tigerlily. But remember, don’t take the picture with lots of other zebras, or we might not be able to see it!

Click here to see our zebra range.

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