Craft Pegs

We have some fabulous craft pegs in our range.

Here are 5 of the best ways to use craft pegs:

  • Card making – so many people love to make their own cards.  They are so much more individual than a store bought card.  Our little craft pegs add some colour and cuteness to cards.
  • Why not make a noteboard for all your reminders, tickets and notes? Take an old picture frame, string some ribbon or string across the sides of the frame and then use the mini craft pegs to secure your notes. You could even use them for your weekly meal planner or shopping list.
  • You could make some cool party treats with the mini pegs.  Buy some small waxed envelopes or bags from a craft supplier or supermarket. Pop your treat into the bag and then secure the top with a mini craft peg.  It’s a great way to make your party treats more individual.
  • Why not put up a small metal grid in your kitchen.  Then you can use the mini pegs to keep recipe cards safe and easy to find.
  • Use the mini pegs as photo holders.  They can create a lovely casual photo display.

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