Who doesn’t love to have new stationery? Surrounding yourself with cute and fun stuff makes you feel so much better.  It can make you feel more creative and can make the most boring admin tasks much more fun.

Take a look at our various stationery categories and see what might inspire you:

Craft Pegs – whilst not strictly stationery you will find these little craft pegs very useful.  Use them to keep notes together on your desk. Or maybe use them to keep receipts on a pin board.  They are also great to display photos on your desk.

Notebooks – we have some fabulous notebooks. Use our hardbacked books as journals or diaries.  The smaller notebooks are good to keep in bags so you never forget anything.

Sticky note pads – we have page markers and sticky note pads.  Use them when you need to highlight a page or take a quick note.

Stationery sets – these make such lovely gifts.  It’s so nice to have a completely matching set and these are very cute.

Pencils – check out our fun pencils. Our single pencils with their wooden animal tops will keep you smiling all day.

Rulers – our long necked animal rulers are bright and cheerful

Have a look at our stationery range and see if there is something there that will put a smile on your face!

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