These colourful jigsaws are not just fun but they are educational too. They can be used to teach numbers and the alphabet. Not just that but you can use them to teach colours and the noises that animals make.  Use the more complex puzzles, like the Noah’s Ark jigsaw, to teach the names of animals too. There are so many ways to use these fabulous puzzles for educational fun.

Everything is designed in the UK. These jigsaws might be made from wood but they are lovingly cut by hand and the finished piece is so smooth.

Each piece is individually painted by hand to add design features giving it personality and making each one unique. The paints are non-toxic and all puzzles conform to the current quality standards. They safe for little hands to play with.

Each puzzle comes with its own drawstring cotton storage bag to keep all the pieces safe when not being played with. But we think the best way to store them is to complete the puzzle and put the finished item on display on a shelf. The lovely, primary colours will brighten up any room.

These gorgeous puzzles and playsets will help to make learning fun!

For children aged 3 and over.

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