Summer’s here …

Summer is here now and the Kawaii Animals gang are enjoying the sun.

Our little mascots, Lily and Bruno, can be found most days taking a nap under the bushes. It’s actually a little bit too hot for them but they do love to be outside. When they can muster up the energy for play we mostly find them chasing butterflies around the garden. Luckily, the butterflies beat them in the race.

The Kawaii Animals gang are enjoying being outside too. We’ve taken the opportunity to get out and go fruit picking at the local fruit farm. Luscious strawberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and raspberries have all been picked … and eaten!!

But, we should have known better than to leave a box out in the Kawaii Animals HQ kitchen. Bruno cannot resist a box … even if it is too small for him.  He managed to squeeze himself into the fruit picking baskets … the look on his face was priceless!! Luckily there were no strawberries left in the basket!

Whilst our mind is on summer … We do have some cute little keyrings that are perfect for this weather too. Why not have a look at our Summer Cat and Beach Dog string dolls?  Even if the sun goes in they will keep you having sunny thoughts! Although they will have to watch out for Pirate Cat and Pirate Rabbit ….

Enjoy the sun!



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