A great day out … Peak Wildlife Park

Earlier this week some of the Kawaii Animals gang had a lovely day out at the Peak Wildlife Park near Winkhill in the Staffordshire Peak District.  It’s tucked away in some beautiful countryside near to Leek.

We weren’t sure what to expect but when we got there we found you could wander through the animal enclosures and get close to all manner of animals from pygmy goats to wallabies and the gorgeous lemurs.

The keepers were so informative, knowledgeable and most of all passionate about the animals in their care. We learnt lots of interesting facts and it was fun to find out about the personalities of the various animals. For example Alan is their new ring tailed lemur and he’s trying to make friends with the ring tailed lemurs who were already there (a mother lemur and her two daughters) but it’s slow going at the moment.  He’s obviously not letting it get to him though as we took a great pic of him looking as if he was doing his yoga for the day.

There are regular animal feeding sessions during the day.  We managed to catch the penguins being fed and heard about the breeding programme they are putting in operation for their Humboldt penguins.  The penguins share their area with Patagonian Mara and capybara. The capybara seem particularly friendly with the penguins!

At the cafe there were some very tasting looking cakes but we managed to resist.  Sitting outside with a coffee we noticed some very fluffy legged chickens wandering around … I think they were looking for crumbs.

Among our favourites of all the animals were the otters.  Such beautiful animals and these two are particularly vocal.  We managed to tape some of their calls.

We had such a good time there and we will definitely be visiting again … as often as possible.  You can go to their website if you click here.  We’ll put more images on our social media so keep your eyes peeled for some very cute animal pics!

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