It’s National Stationery Week …

Did you know it’s National Stationery Week?  I have to admit that I didn’t. In fact, it is World Stationery Day today.

We think you can never have too much stationery.  There is always space for another notebook or another pen or another pencil. Browsing through new stationery designs is a joy.  Choosing a new notebook or pen is one of life’s pleasures.

The dependence on technology – computers, smartphones etc – has meant that people write less and less but that could so easily change like the return to vinyl records from downloads and CD because of the quality of listening pleasure.  Writing is a pleasure in the same way.  There is something soothing in writing, and taking notes or writing a list of things to do can be calming.  Just writing down that list of things to do can help organise them into priorities for you and relieve the stress behind having too many things to do and not knowing where to start.

Stationery has become a way to express your individuality and uniqueness.  Why not choose your stationery to cheer yourself up and brighten up your day? We have lots of fun stationery in our range from colourful sticky notes pads to a stationery sets, from giraffe pens to pencils with animal eraser toppers.  We also have a variety of notebooks ranging in size from those perfect to use as handbag sized notes jotters to those to use as journals or ideas books.

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