The world’s first Hello Kitty restaurant …

We love Hello Kitty.  The cute little cat is over 40 years old.  This little cat’s image now appears on everything from stationery to bank cards and planes.

And now for Hello Kitty fans there is another big development for the cute cat … the world’s first Hello Kitty restaurant is opening this month in Hong Kong.

Whilst there are cafes around the world based on this favourite kitty this is the first restaurant.  The menu will feature Chinese food.  There will be 37 dishes and many of these dishes will be in the shape of the cartoon cat.  Diners can tuck into Hello Kitty shaped steamed buns filled with egg custard, mounds of rice shaped like the cartoon character’s face.  The owner has also been working special dim sum in the shape of intricate Hello Kitty designs.

The restaurant had its unofficial opening in April and is already proving to be a big hit.  The official opening is in June.  Hundreds of Hello Kitty fans will head to Canton Road where the restaurant is located.

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