String Doll Keyrings

String Dolls first appeared in Thailand over a decade ago. Since then they have been slowly making their way around the world.

Their origins may be from the straw dolls made by farmers for their loved ones. Over time they will have metamorphosed into the string dolls we know today. Nowadays String Dolls tend to be produced in workers co-operatives allowing these skilled artisans to work from home or in small groups.

Each string doll is made from a single piece of string wound tightly to form the shape. There is no wire frame to the string doll so the string must be wound very accurately to keep the shape. Then the string doll is finished with its distinctive accessories.

String Dolls are durable enough to be used as key chains and handbag charms or however you want to use them. Our little animals will look after your belongings all day!

Each string doll is supplied with a keyring attachment and comes with an organza bag for storage or to enhance the gift.

The Kawaii Animals gang specialise in animal themed string dolls and we have the widest range of animals available in the UK.

Have we got your favourite animal?

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