Shelly Roche and TinyKittens

Who is Shelly Roche and the TinyKittens team?

This is the first in a series of blogs about heroes whose work rescuing animals we find truly inspirational.
This first blog is about TinyKittens. This Canadian rescue organisation is based in British Columbia with social media followers worldwide. Shelly Roche and her team of wonderful volunteers run this amazing organisation.
As a team they concentrate on feral cats and kittens. The shocking issue with most feral cats and kittens is that the majority of shelters won’t be able to spend the time required to socialise them.  Often these feral cats are euthanised as they are presumed to be unadoptable.
TinyKittens operate a TNR programme in their locality. Feral cats are trapped and then checked over by a vet for any health problems. They are neutered and returned to their colonies. These colonies are then fed and cared for long term by the team of volunteers. Sometimes the property owner themselves take this on.  Pregnant cats are taken into the TinyKittens headquarters and remain with them until the kittens are weaned. Mother cats are then neutered. If possible they are socialised and found good homes. If they consider that the cat would prefer to return to the colony they return them to the feral colony. All the kittens are neutered and found good homes. Adoption applications are vetted thoroughly to ensure the best match and they have a phenomenal success rate.
Currently TinyKittens are home to 18 feral and semi feral cats who have been relocated due to the British Columbia wildfires.  They were being cared for by a fabulous property owner who surrendered them to another rescue organisation when she received the evacution order knowing it was the best chance of saving the colony.  TinyKittens took them in to keep them out of the path of the wildfires.

Social Media

TinyKittens have a strong social media following. They livestream the cats and kittens in their care and their stories are followed worldwide. There have been so many success stories and their stories are followed worldwide. Many of the adopters set up Facebook pages so they can post updates about the TinyKittens alumni. The work they do helps to educate worldwide about the plight of feral cats and kittens.  The most important message is that every little life matters.

What is the TinyVillage?

Their social media followers are the TinyVillage and this supportive community follow all the TinyKittens activities and the individual cats. As a group we’ve raised money for TinyKittens, laughed, celebrated successes, cried hundreds of tears for the little ones who don’t make it, supported each other through pet losses and made good online friends around the world. It’s amazing how many of this community are starting their own TNR programmes following Shelly’s inspirational lead. The reach of this organisation is truly international with feral cats being helped around the world from Canada to New Zealand and Germany to the USA.

How can you follow the work of TinyKittens?

You can follow the work of TinyKittens at:
Website:  click here
Facebook: click here
YouTube: click here
Disclaimer: Members of the Kawaii Animals gang subscribe and donate to TinyKittens privately but we are not affiliated in any way with TinyKittens. This blog is solely intended to raise awareness of a rescue organisation we greatly admire and whose work we find inspirational.

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