Sending smiles around the world ….

Review of the Year

In the last three weeks we have been doing a review of 2017. When we were looking back over the last year, one song kept popping into our heads and that is ‘All Around the World’. Round and round our heads … it just wouldn’t stop. Depending on your age that could be any number of songs by a number of different artists and we are not telling which one we were thinking about!  We are not giving away our age that way! The reason we could not keep the earworm at bay is because we were looking at our order list and marveling at all the countries we had sent our cute animal themed toys and gifts to during 2017.

Where in the world have our orders been sent to?

We’ve sent precious parcels all over Europe, North America, Australia and the Far East.  It’s like sending smiles around the world.  The graphic below is just a snapshot of all the countries we’ve posted to.

a colourful graphic featuring many country names in the shape of a heart including sweden, peru, ireland, uk, spain, france, canada, usa among many others

The World of Kawaii Animals in 2017

When we started Kawaii Animals we had no idea of the benefits that would flow from the business.  Our knowledge of animals was bound to increase but one benefit we didn’t expect was that our geographical knowledge has grown exponentially.  We send so many parcels to continental Europe that we feel we can name every town in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Well, we might be exaggerating somewhat but we can name quite a few and the regions they are based in.

2018 and beyond …

We are hoping that 2018 gives us even more chance to improve our geographical knowledge. Our plan this year is to put up a map on the office wall. Every time we send something to a new location we will mark off every country that we send a parcel to. At the end of the year we will compare notes … perhaps we will be able to mark some new countries off this year!

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