It’s nearly Easter ….

When is Easter?

This year Easter is early … Easter Sunday is the 27th March.

Some Easter facts:

Here are just a few Easter facts:

  • Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ three days after his death on Good Friday.  It is the oldest Christian holiday.
  • The word itself dates back to early English.  It is thought to relate to the Anglo-Saxon goddess of light and the dawn, Eostre, who was honoured at pagan festivals celebrating the arrival of Spring.
  • In the UK, on Maundy Thursday, the reigning monarch gives out money to senior citizens in a tradition dating back hundreds of years to the reign of King Edward I.  The number of people chosen relates to the number of years the monarch has been on the throne, one man and one woman for each year.
  • The date varies from year to year as it is based on the lunar calendar and the position of the moon.  Easter is celebrated on the Sunday after the full moon following March 21st.  But western and eastern Christians celebrate at different times due to the use of the Julian and Gregorian calendars.
  • The exchanging of eggs as gifts pre dates the Christian holiday.  It dates back to to the time of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Persians when painted eggs were given as gifts to symbolise life.
  • The Easter Bunny originated in Germany!
  • In the United States of America the White House holds an Easter egg roll in the grounds each year.  This tradition started in 1879, arranged by the 19th president, Rutherford Hayes.
  • Pretzels were originally associated with Easter! They were originally invented by German monks and the shape was designed to show two arms folding in prayer.
  • Chocolate began to be given as a gift at Easter in the early 1900’s.  Research has even been carried out to find out how people eat their chocolate bunny.  Apparently 76% bite off the ears first!

Alternative non Chocolate gifts:

We love chocolate as much as the next person … actually probably even a bit more. But do you ever think it would be good to have a better, longer lasting alternative for chocolate at Easter.  The chocolate eggs pile up. The temptation is to jump in and eat them which is no good for anyone.

If you are looking for an alternative to all this chocolate then we have just the thing for you.  We have lots of lovely suggestions for toys and gifts.  We have lots of products featuring rabbits and chicks if you want to choose a traditional link but we also have lots of other lovely animals to choose from.  From stationery to badges and felt animals to keyrings we have lots of quirky animal themed gifts that would make great Easter gifts.

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