The case of the mislaid Christmas Decorations …

On Thursday night we took part in the Christmas market which was part of the Alderley Edge Christmas Lights switch on evening.  We had a great evening and the centre of Alderley Edge was packed.  Everyone had fun, the lights looked spectacular and we even caught a glimpse of Santa Claus.

We sold lots of our little animals and our stand was packed all night.  We even managed to stop a little boy’s tears with a free reindeer … our good deed for the day!  His mum gave a donation to charity as a ‘thank you’ … her good deed for the day! We saw him carrying his little reindeer around in his hand for the rest of the evening, and he gave us the biggest smile each time we saw him, which made our night!

But … we were left deflated at the end of the evening when we realised that a child’s purchase of our Christmas decorations had been left on the corner of our stand.  There will be a Christmas tree somewhere in Alderley Edge without all its decorations if we can’t find her.

We remember the purchase perfectly.  A lovely little girl chose her decorations very carefully and helped us pack them in the little organza bags.  We handed them over to her and didn’t realise that they had been left on the edge of the table until the end of the evening when we were packing up the stand.  We dashed quickly around the market but we couldn’t see the little girl anywhere.  We felt dreadful that we couldn’t find her.

We’re going to post this blog on all our social media just in case we can reunite our Christmas decorations with their owner …


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