Merry Christmas from all the Kawaii Animals gang

Christmas Day is here.  All the presents are under the tree and waiting to be unwrapped.  It’s still early in the morning so there are not ripped pieces of wrapping paper everywhere yet but it won’t be long now.

Our little mascots, Lily and Bruno, are already awake and wanting breakfast.  They think that everywhere is decorated with new toys for them to play with.  Quite a lot of the decorations have had to be put out of paw height or the Christmas lights would not last the holiday season! And, the tree decorations have found their way all round the house.  It’s become a daily decoration hunt to make sure that the tree doesn’t look too bare.  Bruno has taken a particular fancy to the fluffy snowflake decorations and has been carrying one with him frequently. It’s far too cute for anyone to be annoyed with him.  They will have a big bowl of turkey later and it’s fair to say that they will spend the afternoon fast asleep!

Well, it’s time to see what Santa has left us and check that Rudolph ate his carrot.  We hope that everyone gets the presents they wanted.  Have fun unwrapping! One of the best bits about Christmas is seeing everyone’s faces when they unwrap the presents you’ve given them.  You just can’t beat a happy Christmas smile.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Santa Bruno


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