Meet the Kawaii Animals gang …

It’s time to introduce the Kawaii Animals gang. We’re going to focus on a few of the gang here … there will be more of their adventures to come.

Tigerlily the TigerTigerlily is the leader of the Kawaii Animals gang. She’ll be writing most of the tales of the Kawaii Animals in this section. She has to keep the rest of the gang in check because they can be a little naughty and forget about the work they have to do. Her best friend is Soo Zee the panda and they can often be found having a stroll together. They both love the forest and a walk through the woods.

Boris the BearBoris is a kind, sweet natured bear. He’s a little bit older than the rest of the gang and is more than happy watching the other animals run around and play. Quite often we find him snoozing under the shade of a tree but we can always encourage him back to work with the offer of some honey! Boris is best friends with Camille the cat. They both like to sleep more than the other animals! We’re not calling them lazy but …

Trixie the RabbitTrixie is a happy little bunny. She loves snacking on veggies … but will even eat carrot cake! She looks after all the other Kawaii Animals. She’s always busy but she stays calm and cool! Her favourite colours are green, orange and pink but we think that’s because of her love of carrots and radishes!

Azuka the CheetahWhen Azuka the cheetah needs some ‘thinking’ time she heads off to the nearest tree and none of the Kawaii Animals gang can keep up with her! Skye will fly up to the top of the tree to sit with Azuka and they can be heard gossiping away for hours.

Toby the TurtleToby feels quite slow on land and misses the water. He’s happiest when he’s playing around in the sea so when he gets a bit grumpy we send him off for a swim with Trubshawe and they race each other.

Alfie the DogAlfie is the little puppy of the Kawaii Animals gang. He’s energetic and loving but can sometimes be a bit annoying … so when the rest of the Kawaii Animals have had enough of him under their feet Trixie takes him off for a long run in the woods. She always has enough energy to play with him.

CamilleCamille the cat thinks she is a princess … the rest of the Kawaii Animals gang are thinking of getting her a little tiara! Like all cats she has a strong sense of her own importance and thinks she is in charge. But the rest of the gang love her anyway. She likes nothing better than an afternoon snooze cuddled up next to Boris.

Soo Zee the PandaSoo Zee is the panda in the Kawaii Animals gang. She can sometimes be a bit lazy particularly when her tummy is full after a big meal of bamboo shoots. She loves walking in the woods with Tigerlily. It reminds her of China and the bamboo forests she loves.

Skye the BirdSkye is a sweet little bird. She sings to the other Kawaii Animals and always make sure they are up and ready for action in the morning. You can often find her at the top of a tree and sometimes she sits with Azuka and they gossip together.

Trubshawe the penguinTrubshawe is our smart black and white penguin. He thinks everyone should be as well dressed as he is. Apart from playing about in the sea with Toby he loves his Afternoon Tea … as long as it includes sardines!

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