Positive attraction … the Kawaii Animals magnets!

Funk out your fridge with a Kawaii Animals magnet. We have five adorable animals to choose from: dogs, monkeys, mice, pigs and tigers.

Our magnets are a sea of colour – each of our animals has a cute little expression, some even have their eyes crossed, and they’re all topped with their own little crown to add to their appeal.

You won’t see our magnets anywhere else, which makes them the perfect simple gift. They’re light and easy to post and damaging them is almost impossible. They could even be your answer to a secret Santa nightmare or they’d make a quirky stocking filler!

Handmade from felt, these soft little magnets are padded out to give them a 3D look. You won’t fail to smile when you see them and whether you use them to pin notes or trap tickets they’ll charm you like they charm us at Kawaii Animals HQ!

Click here to see our cute little magnets.

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