Everyone needs a door hanger to look after their room …

Our door hangers are charming, colourful and your perfect room steward.

We have a wide range of animals so finding your favourite is almost guaranteed: Bears, dogs and frogs. Giraffes, lions, monkeys and tigers! All of which are emblazoned with a love heart, making them extra cute!

Not to mention our Christmas range, consisting of a snowman, Santa and a reindeer. They’re unique and would give you a great new and quirky Christmas decoration, or could be sent as a simple but original gift, they’re really light and easy to post and extremely unlikely to get damaged or broken.

The door hangers are made from beautifully soft felt. Their heads are padded giving them a fabulous 3D effect. Not only do our door hangers prettily mark your door, they can be used to leave notes or ‘bits and bobs’ in a pouch attached to the front.

They will fit any door, and attach by a small button on one side. Your room is not complete without a Kawaii Animals door hanger keeping watch!

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