Check out the cheeky monkey toys and keyrings…

There’s monkey business afoot at Kawaii Animals! We love our monkeys and they are one of our most diverse animals, with several cute and colourful sock monkeys as well as our collection of string doll keyrings.

Here are some cheeky monkey facts!

  • There are 264 different species of monkey, and what differentiates them from apes is that monkeys have a tail.
  • The first monkey into space was Albert II, who went to the moon in 1949.
  • A monkey’s eyesight varies between species. Some can see in full colour, like us, whereas others can only distinguish between black and white.
  • Monkeys vary from just six inches tall to three foot tall!
  • Facial expressions are a key method of communication for the monkey.
  • Monkeys have a similar emotive capacity as humans. They mourn loss, show happiness, and feel anger toward other monkeys!
  • The Howler Monkey can howl so loudly it can be heard up to ten miles away!

(Thanks to the internet for these amazing facts!)

Our Kawaii Animals monkeys don’t howl, and will sit quietly wherever you ask them to without showing their cheeky side. Check them out here!

Once you’ve added a monkey from our gang to your family, don’t forget to give him or her a name and send us a photo on Facebook or Twitter, and you’ll almost certainly appear on our Tigerlily blog!

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