Bears everywhere …

There are so many famous bears from TV, film and literature on the market that it must be time to stand out from the crowd and get a quirky Kawaii Animals bear. Our bear family is growing all the time …

Here’s some facts you might not have known about bears!

  • There are eight species of bear: American black bears, Asian black bears, brown bears, giant pandas, polar bears, sloth bears, spectacled bears and sun bears.
  • The first known species of bear was the dawn bear, which is now extinct. It was small and dog shaped and lived in European forests.
  • The brown bear is the largest species of bear. It can weigh over a ton although only the males would get close to this, as the females are much lighter.
  • The Koala bear is not a bear! Sorry folks, but it’s a marsupial.
  • As you would probably expect, the polar bear is the most skilled swimmer of all bears. They can swim at up to 6mph and are excellent hunters.
  • Bears in northern regions go into a winter sleep, rather than a hibernation. It is considered a winter sleep because their body temperature remains much the same, whereas if it truly hibernated it would drop significantly.

Thanks to the internet for these amazing facts!

Our bears come in a variety of shapes and sizes: door hangers, soft toys, string doll keyrings and even bear paw shaped brooches. Give a Kawaii Animals bear a home today and be sure to let us know how they’ve settled in on Facebook or Twitter. You may find yourself in a Tigerlily tale!

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