Anisnap Watches

These Anisnap watches will bring children back to watch-wearing.

The snap strap makes them really easy to put on and take off (and fun too!) and they fit any size (even grown-ups!).  Manufactured from silicone because it’s soft and comfortable to wear, this also has the added benefit of making them very durable and easy to clean!  Plus the animal faces are so cute!

Anisnap watches make a fantastic gift. Not only are you supplying the height of fashion in children’s watches but also aiding their development as they learn to tell the time. Also, the watches are water resistant to 1 atmosphere which means that they are splash-proof.

For those who have to post some of their gifts, Anisnap watches are easy to wrap and lightweight for postage.

Each watch is beautifully packaged.

The watches are colourful and cute and we have such a wide variety of animals from fish to dinosaurs to giraffes and elephants that it’s hard to choose a favourite.  One minute it’s the dolphin and the next it’s the lion.

There’s something for everyone within our range of the funky, cheeky and cute Anisnap watches. You just can’t fail to find your favourite animal… Get one for all the family today! click here to see all the watches

Age: 3+

Monkey-rolledMonkey packaged

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