5 Things That Every Teacher Needs

Being a teacher can be tricky enough without worrying about what stationery and supplies
you need to get your hands on. Here we take a look at five things every teacher needs in
their classroom.

1. Post-it notes​ – Trying to remember everything when you meet with so many different
students a day can be tough. Keeping post-it notes on hand at your desk to jot down
any of those life-changing lesson plan ideas can be a lifesaver. You can also use
them to make a note of any important reminders. How about sprucing up your desk
with some fun animal themed sticky notes, like these cute Lucky Cat sticky notes?

Maneki Neko Sticky Notes Pad

2. Page markers – ​ Lesson plans, marking, reading through textbooks – it can be easy to get
lost in these activities, especially when you have a number of subjects and classes to tackle.
Staying organised can be key to working through things quickly and efficiently, so think
about investing in some quirky and colourful page markers. You could even create a code
where certain subjects are respresented by certain animals!

Animal Friends Sticky Notes

3. Notebooks – ​ Notebooks are an absolute necessity for teachers. Planning, to do lists and
teaching notes – these are all things that you like to keep written down in some kind of
orderly fashion. You can simply never have enough notebooks, and the Kawaii Animal
collection will at least keep your working space colourful and engaging when you’re trying to
work through the slog.

4. Extra pencils – ​As a teacher you can never have too many supplies! With all the little
hands borrowing your pencils and pens, it’s always important to have more than you need.
How about picking some of our themed animal pencils, so that you know what belongs to you?
You won’t be able to miss these cheetah pencils!

Cheetah Print Pencils with Erasers

5.  Stickers – If you work in a nursery or primary education, stickers can be a great way to incentivise a pupil.  Have they done outstanding work? Show them with some stunning stickers.

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