5 Things About Cats You Didn’t Know

It’s no secret that cats are pretty much a mystery, a law unto themselves, with us feeble
humans following behind. But did you know that they’re even more mysterious than we first
thought? Take a look at these cat facts – they’re unusual, obscure and astounding!

Read on to find out more about your furry feline.

1. Cats can’t see beneath their nose​ – Have you ever tried to give your cat a treat and
wondered why they can’t seem to see it? They’re not just being awkward. It’s actually
because they can’t see directly beneath their noses. Something to consider the next
time you think they are turning their nose up at you!

2. Cats sleep for 70% of their lives -​ We know what you’re thinking? Lucky, right!
Studies have shown that cats can sleep from between 16-20 hours per day. Of
course, it’s not what we know as sleep, cats are generally just dozing and are ready
to wake up and be instantly alert at any moment. However, we’re pretty sure you
know a cat that wouldn’t move for anything… we certainly do!  This is Bruno, one of the Kawaii Animals mascots, who has a Masters degree in the art of relaxing.

3. Cats have better memories than dogs ​- It’s the age old argument, are cats better
than dogs? Well, we can’t weigh in on that one, but what we can say is that
apparently cats have a longer-term memory than dogs.

4. They are left or right handed (or pawed)​ – If you can believe it, like we are left or
right handed, cats use either their left or right paw more. In fact, studies show that
most female cats are right-pawed, while most male cats are left-pawed.

5. Cats are faster than Usain Bolt​ – Apparently Usain Bolt’s top speed is around the
27mph mark. Typically, a domestic cat is believed to run at a speed of 30mph. We
would love to see that race on the track!  Lily, our other mascot, is the fastest cat we know and a bit of a Supercat … she’s able to leap to the top of tall trees in a single bound.

Lily surveying ‘her’ garden

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