We have some fabulous toys designed to aid in imaginative play.

Jigsaws – These colourful jigsaws from Wood Like to Play are not just fun but they are educational too. They can be used to teach numbers and the alphabet. Not just that but you can use them to teach colours as well.  Use the more complex puzzles, like the Noah’s Ark jigsaw, to teach the names of animals too. There are so many ways to use these fabulous puzzles for educational fun. Everything is designed in the UK. These jigsaws might be made from wood but they are lovingly cut by hand, hand painted and the finished piece is so smooth.

Wooden Magnets – Explore this wonderful range of handcrafted magnetic wooden animals from Alphabet Jigsaws.  They can be played with as individual toys or simply used as fridge magnets. These chunky wooden magnets are full of character and are perfect for kids and adults alike. All the magnet components are hidden and safely housed within each piece, away from prying hands, making them ideal fridge magnets for toddlers to enjoy!

Wooden Skittles – These wooden Animal Skittles from Orange Tree Toys are certainly a popular choice for all children! Cute and colourful, these toy wooden skittles are the perfect size for indoor play, and will provide hours of fun for your little ones. Each set of skittles includes 6 individual animal skittles and two differently coloured balls.

Puzzle Pals – Slot-together polystyrene animal models. Each pack contains several pre-decorated sheets consisting of three to four push out pieces that slot together to make an animal. All sheets feature a different animal, meaning there are three different animals in each box. Choose from Woodland or Farm Animal packs.

For children aged 3 and over.

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