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The Kawaii Animals gang out on the road …

The Kawaii Animals gang are out on the road  …. We have been out and about a lot over the last few months. And have quite a few events planned for the rest of the year.  If you want to see where we are planning to be click here to see a list of our latest events.  We still have a few events to book in.  So please pop back to the Events list to check for new events.

There have been a wide variety of events from county shows to transport rallies.  We particularly enjoyed taking part in the Gift Fair for the Armed Forces Day at the National Memorial Arboretum.  It’s great to be at events. We have some very interesting conversations and events seem to go very quickly.

We always take the opportunity to talk to customers about our new products.  And we are always amazed at some of the knowledge the children have. We’ve discussed alicorns vs unicorns, talked through long lists of dinosaurs and what they dined on and chatted about how to make sock toys among other subjects.

It’s particularly interesting when children are asked which of our Anisnap watches they want by their parents or grandparents.  We never make assumptions about which watch they will choose. But it is amazing just how many little boys want a dinosaur watch and the Stegosaurus and T Rex watches are particularly popular.  And a lot of little girls are drawn to the Rabbit, Pony or Butterfly watches.  Now and again we get a surprise.  We had a young girl choose an Oviraptor watch and we spoke to her and her father for quite some time.  They had recently been to an overnight stay at the Natural History Museum which she had thoroughly enjoyed as she loves dinosaurs.  It’s great when the children are allowed to choose their watch themselves. Just listening to them rationalising their choice to themselves is amazing.

We are so lucky that we get to meet so many lovely people … hopefully we will see you at one of our remaining 2017 events.

Click here to see where we are for the remainder of 2017.

Shown below are some images from an event earlier in the summer.


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