Anisnap Watches are cute children’s watches.

Not only will they help with your child’s development, but they are fun too.

They are such a fun way to learn to tell the time.  The adorable animal faces enable children to identify and pick a watch with their favourite animal.

Children always want what their parents have be it keys, mobile or a watch.  And these are a great first watch too.  They are CE marked and have been through lots of product testing to ensure their safety.  The winder is hidden away underneath the animal outer which means it is safe from little fingers.  And, the strap has a thick silicone coating which means no metal touches the skin at all.

To wear, they simply snap it over their wrist and the strap wraps around to fit any size. A perfect gift for the little ones but we’re sure it won’t just be children wearing these fun watches.

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